Today                                                                                                             1909 the extension of two floors

This beautiful townhouse at the edge of the medieval old town of Tübingen was built 1884 by a butcher named Paul Bauer.

in its original design, it only had two floors.

1909 it got extended by two additional floors by another butcher. The butchers' shop was on the ground floor with a separate entrance that doesn't exist anymore.

Judging by the gruesome bathroom interior, the bathrooms and balconies got added sometime in the 70s as a separate tower.

1884 Baujahr

Ground floor from 1909 on the right

Personally, I have known the house since 1985. I was 14 years old at the time and moved here with my mum. We didn't know then, that she would live here for the rest of her life.

It was the first time, that my mum and I had a place on our own. She had always been a single mum. But being a hippie from the 68 generation, we had lived in communes and traveled a lot until then. My teenage self loved living in the town center and having the freedom to do what I wanted as my mum was away a lot working as a nurse at the local hospital.

The idea to turn this flat into a holiday home was born as an act from necessity 30 years later when my mum had to move into an old people home after a severe stroke.

Today the apartment looks like this.

When I started to use my mums' apartment as a holiday home, everything had to happen very fast. I cleaned it up, but couldn't do more in my emotional state. The apartment looked pretty much like my mum had left it.

Two years had to pass by after her passing before I was capable to handle it properly. End of 2018 I redesigned the bathroom and renovated the rest of the apartment. I finally had the emotional distance to get rid of some of her things and replace them with more contemporary designs. The mix of new and old lets my guests feel at home the minute they set foot in the place.

I love getting a glimpse into the lives of my guests. Most of them have some sort of connection to Tübingen rather than being "real" tourists. Parents who come to see their studying kids, kids who come to see their parents, friends girls weekend trips...

Hospitality was one of my mums' core values. We honor that by making our guests feel welcome. My mum also loved to cook and eat well. I inherited about two shelf meters of cooking books as well as her love for good food. This got me thinking and I came up with the idea to open a pop-up restaurant. Every now and then, you can book a meal at the flat or rent the apartment for a private dinner party where I will cook for you and your guests.

Feel free to contact me for more information and dates of upcoming events.

Mein Name ist Sharonah Lüderitz und ich betreibe seit 2016 dieses kleine Schmuckstück mit meinen beiden Töchtern.

Wir haben diese einzigartige Wohnung von meiner Mutter geerbt, die hier über 30 Jahre glücklich gelebt hat.

Für uns ist dieser Ort ein Stückchen Heimat, den wir von Herzen gerne mit Dir teilen, in der Hoffnung, dass auch Du Dich ein bißchen in Tübingen verliebst.

Ich bin seid 1996 Soloselbstständig und arbeite im Bereich Interior Design und Ausstellungsgestaltung. In Tübingen kann man meine Arbeit z.B. in der Kelter oder auch in allen drei Biwakschachteln sehen.

Eine aktuelle, von mir gestaltete Ausstellung über die 1920er Jahre in Meersburg ist dort gerade im vineum bodensee zu sehen.

Seid 2014 habe ich außerdem noch das Gestalten von Schmuck für mich entdeckt, und baue mir gerade ein kleines, aber feines Label auf. Ich freue mich sehr, wenn Du mir hier auf Instagram folgst.